The Process is about a promising actor who is struggling to conquer his biggest role of all, life.  

The Process is my first project as a writer and although I have been developing it for the past few months, I believe this story has been developing over the entire course of my life ever since I decided to pursue the career of being an actor.


I’m telling this story because it’s very personal to me.  The LIFE OF AN ACTOR is a complex life that many are intrigued by.  At the same time, many do not understand or know about all that takes place in order for one to be successful in this field.

There are so many different aspects that an actor has to go through in order to achieve their dreams and goals as well as sacrifices that have to be made in regards to friendships, family and relationships with loved ones.

We are in the last week of fundraising for this project so  we are encouraging everyone to donate whatever it is that they can.  $1, $5, $10, it all adds up!  Since our launch  of the campaign there have been some amazing contributions and support shown and we expect nothing less on this final week!

Spread the word everyone and thanks again for all of the love!

The Bare Essentials: Stop Doing So Much

 The Bare Essentials: Stop Doing So Much

You can do anything but can’t do everything”

It’s a quote that can be quickly digested and just as quickly forgotten. I’ve heard it in various forms over the years but this very simple concept was beautifully expounded upon by author Greg McKeown over at the Harvard Business Review titled:

To Do Things Better, Stop Doing So Much

McKeown is the author of Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less released in April. Having lived in both Los Angeles and New York City, it’s easy to get pulled in many different directions throughout life. So many good things you can do with your career but the key I’ve found is to focus on the few great things. Good of course being the nagging nemesis of Great.

One can drift in the realm of good for years but pursuing what is great in life whether it’s personal relationships or business takes a ton of discipline in the tech driven world we live in today. It requires saying no, it requires “missing out”, and requires patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will great success in life.

While it might seem you’re crawling in the slow lane of consistent progress, no matter how small, it will eventually pay off. Knowing exactly what to focus on can be the hardest part of this.   Spending some quiet time alone each week to pray, meditate or reflect is the best place to start.

Focus on the bare essentials… what’s great?


What if our Best Athletes played Football?

World Cup 574x300 What if our Best Athletes played Football?

The US Men’s team came up short but they fought hard against a better team. That’s all we can ask for as a country. Maximum effort and no excuses. If we were to be honest here, our squad just isn’t World class yet. Outside of Tim Howard, who the commentators on ESPN said “doesn’t deserve to be on the losing side”, our team isn’t quite on the level as the 8 remaining countries.

Most kids in the US start out playing soccer and for countless reasons end up drifting into more popular sports like American Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Hockey. Other great competitors include Track and Field, Golf, and Tennis.

Until Soccer becomes a more mainstream and lucrative career path here in the US, I’m not sure if our talent pool will be able to match the rest of the World.

I mean, if you looking at our current roster, quite a few players didn’t even grow up stateside. We’re essentially putting Europe’s B squad out onto the field and hopping for miracles to happen. That’s not a sustainable game plan. The US will eventually need to develop better prospects as Baseball Teams do in their Farm Systems.

Our best Athletes in the US aren’t playing soccer. Until we as a country put out best foot forward, we’ll continue to squeeze into the round of 16 and “hope for the best”.

Observations and Criticisms aside, I’m proud of what the US Team was able to accomplish this year and I look forward to what’s in store down the road.


Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe

leadership Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe

Ask many employees why they are unhappy at the work place and more often than not, it will have something to do with leadership.  If you don’t trust management it will be very difficult to perform for them 40+ hours a week.  When a supervisor doesn’t do what they say they were going to do or transparency is non-existent, trust will be broken.

Author Simone Sinek delivered one of the most brilliant Ted Talks I’ve seen in quite some time.  His distinction between Leaders and Authorities should be required viewing for any executive.

Leadership is a choice. It is not a rank. I know many people at the senior-most levels of organizations who are absolutely not leaders. They are authorities, and we do what they say because they have authority over us, but we would not follow them. And I know many people who are at the bottoms of organizations who have no authority and they are absolutely leaders, and this is because they have chosen to look after the person to the left of them, and they have chosen to look after the person to the right of them. This is what a leader is.

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