One on One with Clive

Xavier wasn’t sure if it was a wonderful sign or a sign of impending disaster, but Xavier knew it would be the perfect opportunity to express his biggest gripes with Hudson Capital, one of the largest Investment Firms in New York City. There were many. After two strenuous years, the twenty-six year old had already convinced himself that it was time to move on.

The resignation letter had been drafted.

The job applications had been sent out.

The meeting with his manager had been scheduled.

The path to Cubicle Liberation was set until a simple exchange about Motown with Hudson CEO Clive Carpenter at the company Christmas party turned into the opportunity of a lifetime. A one on one meeting with Clive was rare for anyone in the company, especially an “out at 5:59″ assistant like Xavier.

“You probably shouldn’t mention this to anyone”, Clive’s assistant said when scheduling the meeting. “I’m sure you’re well aware of the politics around here.”


A word that Xavier associated withe everything that was wrong with Hudson. Egos that stifled progress. Fear of stepping on an executive’s toes turned creative twenty somethings into corporate America robots. Xavier could see everything that was wrong with the way Hudson Capital was operating and of course he knew exactly how to fix it.

“How’s work going?” Xavier’s girlfriend said, the night before meeting with Clive. “Pretty good, just another typical week”, Xavier replied, not lifting his eyes up from the hot plate of food in front of him. She would have talked him out of his plan to help Clive Carpenter re-structure his entire company. The company that was having a record year.

Xavier stepped off of the 28th floor elevator and was awe struck by the majesty that is midtown Manhattan. Growing up in Brooklyn, Bed-Stuy to be exact, Xavier had never seen his hometown quite like this. The afternoon sun piercing through skyscrapers. Bridges draped over the east river and large boats that looked like small dots skating underneath.

Clive’s assistant looked up at Xavier, then through him, like a second class citizen.

“I’m here to see Cli-,”

“I know who you’re here to see Xavier, have a seat, Clive will be with you shortly.”

Xavier went back to the view. He took out his phone and snapped a few pictures.


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the view isn’t it?” “Never gets old for me”, Clive Carpenter said with a heavy, strong, resonating voice that carried through walls like a sub-woofer.

“Yeah, incredible sir. Thanks for meeting with me”

Clive had a confused look on his face. “Meeting?”

“Yes sir, you said at the party last week that you wanted to meet with me”, Xavier nervously replied, no longer in the room, more like swimming around in his own head in search for the edge of the pool.

“Oh, I just wanted to give you these tickets.” Clive handed Xavier a plain white envelope.

“It’s always a pleasure meeting a Motown fan in the financial industry so I got you two Orchestra seats to see the musical on Broadway.”

Xavier stared at the envelope, then back at Clive, eyes glazed over.

“Thanks man. I appreciate this.”

“Sure thing kid, I’ll see you around.”

Clive walked away and Xavier was left alone, frozen in disbelief, still swimming, then finally, reached the edge and let out a smile.


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